Donate to C.O.P.S.


Donate to C.O.P.S. in Houston

C.O.P.S. Local 911 "Sponsor Assistance Program" unites ALL of Texas Law Enforcement under one local, one banner, one voice, in order to secure the Officer's rights, security for their families, provides legal support for their protection, provides courses to further educate the officers and provide a Legislative voice for our honorable men and women in law enforcement.

Your donation will benefit C.O.P.S. officers from agencies such as Houston Police Department, Harris County Sheriff's Office, Harris County Constables Office, Pasadena PD and Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, DPS Troopers, Federal Air Marshal and many more.

SPONSORS: 100% of your donation goes to this organization and benefits our officers! NO FEES are deducted for telemarketing services.

Each and every donation is greatly appreciated.

Fill out the attached form to advertise your business on our website sponsor page and receive 4 window decals to proudly display in your business window or on your vehicle that proudly states you "Support COPS"!!!!! For resident sponsors, to maintain your privacy your name only will be listed on the sponsor page.